What’s in Your… Bar Kit with Jackson Donahue

Written by Lauren Loftus Category: Lifestyle Issue: March 2018
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photos by Angelina Aragon
click to enlarge; photos by Angelina Aragon

The title of “mixologist” is a little eye-roll-inducing to those of us not in the biz – let’s calm down, it’s cocktails, not the smallpox vaccine. But to hear Jackson Donahue talk about the physics that occur when shaking an egg white into a frothy capper for the perfect pisco sour, we’re willing to allow him the label of cocktail chemist. The 26-year-old previously mixed mélanges in San Francisco and at Phoenix’s Clever Koi and Crudo before being tapped as beverage master at The Scott Resort & Spa and onsite restaurant Canal Club, the revamp of the Firesky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale designed to evoke old-world Havana, Cuba.