Written by Bryce Bozadjian Category: Lifestyle Issue: January 2016
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Kick boring footwear aside with locally made boots.

“My father wore boots and I wore boots, and I just got more interested in it and decided to make it a career... either that or a habit,” says David Espinoza, owner of Espinoza Boot Maker in Phoenix. “People don’t make things nowadays... I think everybody should try to make something. It’s a good feeling; you really have an appreciation for it. To just sew pieces of leather together and come up with a product is amazing every time.”

Like most accessories, boots come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. At Espinoza Boot Maker, custom creations take weeks to make and feature all sorts of patterns and leathers, from ostrich to alligator and everything in between. Saba’s, “Arizona’s Original Western Store,” is well-known for its cowboy boots, but also sells steel-toe, hiking and logger boots for the outdoors-inclined. My Sister’s Closet stocks everything from a cute pair of suede ankle booties for leisurely strolls to some knee-high heeled boots for a night out.

Photo by the Venus Flytrap


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Espinoza Boot Maker
4409 N. 16th St., Phoenix
Price range for custom boots:

Multiple locations,
Price range for new boots:

My Sister’s Closet
Multiple locations,
Price range for consignment boots: $30-$300