The Saks of Second-Hand

Written by May Phan Category: Lifestyle Issue: January 2018
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Hunt for designer duds at discounted prices at Phoenix resale boutique Poor Little Rich Girl.

Poor Little  Rich Girl, 

Life as a fresh, fashionable garment almost always tragically ends with moth balls thrown in the pockets and abandonment in dreary attics. At Poor Little Rich Girl, clothes are given an escape from the dreaded storage room to a resale shop – where finding gems is, refreshingly, not rare.

“Rather than something just sitting in somebody’s closet and nothing being put to use, those items continue to be used,” says Catharine Raslavsky, co-owner of high-end resale boutique Poor Little Rich Girl in Central Phoenix. After she and her husband John faced a failing real estate business during the 2007 recession, they found their niche in reselling clothes from both local designers and major labels in 2008.

The boutique, formerly – and briefly – named Fournier’s Petite Armoire, bounced around Arcadia and Uptown Phoenix before settling within a cluster of businesses on 16th Street and Bethany Home Road. Poor Little Rich Girl buys and sells used clothes for both the frugal fashionista and the more lavish spender; most pieces cost $16 to $25, but the Louboutins on the shelf over the register go for closer to $600. Raslavsky researches the prices of clothes brought into the boutique through sites like eBay and lowers prices based on current trends and local demand.

Brands like Anthropologie and lululemon often appear on the racks alongside local designers with almost identical price tags, and boutique visitors come almost weekly to eye new finds. The shop offers handmade soaps, trinkets and jewelry as well.

Poor Little Rich Girl
1582 E. Bethany Home Rd., Phoenix