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They’d be wrong. Point of fact, the display of the singer’s stuff for sale at Alice Cooper’s Attic and Thrift Store is shockingly tame – a mainstream menagerie of golf shirts, baseball caps, belts, designer jeans, vinyl records and signed sports memorabilia.

“Alice loves to shop. This is just a fraction of his stuff,” store manager Chuck Savale says. “When he’s on tour, he goes golfing, and then he goes shopping.”

Alice Cooper’s Attic and Thrift Store opened at the end of July, with the purpose of funding Cooper’s nonprofit Solid Rock Teen Center next door. The thrift store receives donations from the general public daily, and Cooper, his wife Sheryl and his mother Ella also continuously chip in their secondhand merchandise. The goods don’t differ much from the displays at any other thrift store – there are racks of clothes, furniture, small electronics, books, DVDs, sports equipment and household items – except for the display of Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s things, many of which are autographed by Alice. Signed items range from Cooper’s used T-shirts ($40 each) to a Fender Squier guitar ($350). “Alice has been really generous in signing stuff for us,” Savale says, adding that since fans can’t buy autographed merchandise at Cooper’s downtown restaurant, Alice Cooper’stown, they come to the Attic. “A lot of fans come here from out of town to buy signed items.”

In addition to Cooper memorabilia, sports fans will cheer for items like a montage poster featuring some of Arizona’s most storied athletes – former Arizona Diamondback Randy Johnson, former Phoenix Sun Jason Kidd, former Arizona Cardinal Jake Plummer and former Arizona Coyote Jeremy Roenick – and their autographs ($75). A portion of all sales proceeds benefits the Solid Rock Teen Center, which provides free after-school music and dance lessons to youth ages 12-20. “[The store] is all about the teen center,” Savale says, “and wanting to make a difference in the lives of kids.”

Out of Alice’s Closet
Tons of Alice Cooper’s clothing items – both signed and unsigned – are for sale at his thrift store. Unsigned apparel ranges from $10 for T-shirts to $35 for pants. A partial price list for signed apparel is below.
Belts: $35
Hats/ball caps: $40
Golf shoes: $40
Sweaters/sweatshirts: $50
Jeans: $75
Shirts worn on stage: $90