Say Aloe to Our Little Trend

Written by Jenna Ortiz Category: Lifestyle Issue: January 2019
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From prickly pear to saguaro, cactus is cool again.

Here’s something you can touch: Since 2016, per The Financial Times, cactus has blossomed in the fashion scene – from shops in Phoenix to boutiques in Paris – and breathed new life into the desert aesthetic. Whereas the 1980s Southwestern style boom was saturated with adobe brown, ruddy peach and muted teal, today’s “desert dweller” décor leans on minimalist design and punchy jewel tones and pastels – black and white cacti silhouettes and emerald saguaro spires. Local artisans have created their own twists on this spindly trend.

photo courtesy Butter and Fig
Prickly Pear + Poppy Sugar Scrub
Butter & Fig
The tough cactus is the right way to soften skin during the dry months of winter with this floral sugar scrub made with natural ingredients., $20

photo courtesy Harp Lettering
Painted Saguaro “Welcome” Sign
Harp Lettering Co.
Give guests the proper Arizona welcome with this hand-lettered wooden sign, made with paint marker and stain, on your front door., $22

photo courtesy Merch Mom
“Squad Goals” Tote Bag
Merch Mom
Perfect for farmers’ market strolls or hitting the gym to follow your resolutions this year, this reusable canvas tote bag boasts three illustrated cacti silhouettes., $25

Hand-Painted Cactus Mug
Love AZ By Aimee
Make those early mornings better as you sip coffee or tea in a cute, hand-painted mug. Bonus: It’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and can be personalized., $20

photo courtesy Sarah Madeline
Hammered-Copper Cactus Pendant
Sarah Madeline Jewelry
This subtle accent gives off bohemian vibes in our state’s signature metal. The tiny engraved saguaro adds just the right pop of the plant., $26