Written by Patrick Ryan Category: Lifestyle Issue: November 2012

patriotic cookies and cupcakes. Because nothing says “freedom” like a massive sugar rush. Honey Moon Sweets, 606 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, 480-517-9520,

Play and pin the poll-winners
With the polls closed and the anticipation high, perhaps you’re looking to ease the tension with some goofy entertainment? Try out this politically-themed game (alcohol optional): All you need is a large map of the United States, some red and blue push pins, some blindfolds, and perhaps some Red Stripe beer (for the Republicans) and some Pabst Blue Ribbon (for the Dems).
• Hang up the United States map on a poster board, wall, or whatever surface you prefer.
• Blindfold the party guests and lead them over toward the map.
• Give the guests red (Republican) and blue (Democrat) pins, and have them pin them to the map – making sure there is at least one pin in each state.
• Once the results start coming in, see how they match up to your guests’ “predict-pins.” (And drink the appropriate-colored brewski, if so inclined.)
• Split into teams, keep a scoreboard or alter the game to whatever works best for you. The more creative you get, the more lively it will be! 

Party Wear
Simple, quaint and elegant, Frances offers some charming knick-knacks and jewelry to drum up anybody’s patriotism. Purchase an exquisite “vote” necklace, created by a Phoenix artist and the perfect poll-visit accessory. Want to give your politically-charged friends something to chew on other than your ear? Hand them a piece of “I Kissed A Democrat” or “I Kissed a Republican” chewing gum. With Arizona magnets and other unique commodities, Frances will ensure you’re stylishly-equipped and election-ready. Frances, 10 W. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, 602-279-5467,

Deck Your Halls
Spruce up your place with some splashy, patriotic decorations from Easley’s. Start out with the basics, such as red-white-and-blue streamers, balloons, table-clothes and cutout stars. Looking to get a little wackier? Try on a pair of star-spangled glasses or don the mask of your favorite politician – mug masks range from Barack Obama to Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan. Whether you’re looking for a miniature American flag or a plastic torch, courtesy of Lady Liberty, it’s easy to make your home party-ready in no time. Easley’s Fun Shop, 509 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, 602-271-9146,

Political Sipper
Looking for a cool beverage to get you through the political hullabaloo of election night? If you’re in the mood for something non-alcoholic, try a ginger ale, which is notably Mitt Romney’s favorite drink. Want something with a little more bite from the opposing party? Have a sip of this “Obamartini.”

2 oz. locally-bottled Vektor Vodka
1 oz. blueberry juice
½ oz. simple syrup
¼ oz. Chambord
¼ oz. lemon juice

Pour all ingredients over ice, shake until cold and strain into a martini glass. Add pieces of blueberry, strawberry and marshmallow for a little extra bi-party-sanship.