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Written by Craig Outhier Category: Lifestyle Issue: October 2012
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Photo by Nicole Roegner

We don’t always drink Arizona-based spirits, but when we do...

From left:
Prickly Pear Vodka:
Arguably the most Arizonan of all the Arizona-based spirits, this pink-bottled offering from Flagstaff’s High Spirits Distillery is boosted by tart desert fruit. High Spirits also makes Arizona’s only in-state-distilled whiskey, and gin with native aromatics. Suggested cocktail: Blend with grapefruit juice for a Desert Greyhound. Est. price: $30.


BB’s Apple Pye: From Arroyo Vodka sibling-owners Morgan and Lauren Kemp comes a fruit-infused liqueur that tastes just like the apple pie your mom used to make – after she drizzled it with schnapps. Local First-types like that it’s distilled in a converted beet factory right here in the Valley. Suggested cocktail: Mix with four parts premium vodka for a no-hassle Apple Pye-tini. Est. price: $27.

Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine: Between his biannual gigs in Mexico and his singular devotion to the siesta ideal, former Refreshments frontman Clyne knows tequila as well anybody, we figg’er. Better still: If you buy a bottle of his newly-released silver tequila, you get a free Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers download. So what are you doing this weekend? Suggested cocktail: Forget cocktail. Sip it straight. Est. price: $40.

Vektor Vodka: Beware the sophism that vodka “shouldn’t taste like anything.” No matter how many times the clear, versatile spirit is distilled – in this case, seven times – there’s always a little residual flavor. We get whispers of bread and earth in Vektor, which according to Scottsdale bottler Dr. Mark Williams are the ghosts of high-protein winter wheat kernels harvested in mother Russia herself. Delicious. And the tented Red Square-style bottle is hot-to-Trotsky. Suggested cocktail: Shake with lemon juice and agave nectar to make a Russia-Arizona Vodka Collins love connection. Est. price: $40.

Gold Miner Rum: Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman makes a vodka, but rum is their true forte. They offer four different styles, including this award-winning spirit that fairly leaps out of the glass with vanilla and oak aromas. Suggested cocktail: Shake with muddled chocolate mint, lime juice and agave syrup for a Chocolate Mojito. Est. price: $28.