Valley “nut” case Bill Sutherland opens a locals-only shop in Cave Creek.

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Category: Lifestyle Issue: October 2017
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Valley “nut” case Bill Sutherland opens a locals-only shop in Cave Creek

Tucked away behind the quirky shops lining Cave Creek Road lies a little cottage on a hill, full of local treasures.

Bill Sutherland, the “nutboss” of local snack line Nutsack Foods and owner of Shop on the Hill, says he wasn’t looking to open a traditional retail store when he started touring brick-and-mortar locations for Nutsack operations.

“I was looking for kind of a warehouse that possibly had a little front end for retail,” Sutherland says. But when he popped into the Cave Creek cottage, he was smitten. “I walked in and I saw the fireplace, and just the building, and I thought, ‘This is way too cool to pass up.”

Sutherland lined the walls of the single-room shanty with shelves and tables to display a plethora of Arizona-made goodies – he has nearly 30 vendors now, with plans to add more when he reopens the shop after a summer hiatus and business picks up this fall. Sonoran Desert animal-themed art, crafted by local artists, is displayed on the walls and available for purchase. The homey vibe was important for Sutherland to establish.

“I want to make the place stand out as this quaint little cottage that has a lot of character,” he says. “And every vendor has his or her own story.”