Black N Blue

Written by Isiah Kurz Category: Lifestyle Issue: September 2013
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Equipped with its own hair salon and tattoo parlor, this newly-opened Roosevelt Row vintage clothing boutique is your one-stop rock star makeover.

Black N Blue Rockstar Clothing & Accessories
906 N. Fifth St., Phoenix

John Lennon New York City Shirt
It’s possibly the most iconic piece of post-Beatles merchandise: John Lennon’s New York City ringer-T. And it has an interesting history. Bought from a street vendor for $5, the humble shirt was immortalized when photographer Bob Gruen snapped Lennon wearing it in 1974. Now you can savor Big Apple irony like the legend himself for $18.

Levi’s Jeans
There are two things vintage jean collectors look for in an old pair of Levi’s. First, the stylized capital E is a dead giveaway the pair is pre-1971. The second is the red line inseam, discontinued after 1973. Sane is a serious denim collector and can walk you through the art of Levi’s appraisal ($25-$500).

phm0913 pfshop1 mdVintage Hawaiian Button-Up
Black N Blue has such a vast collection of Western and Hawaiian button-ups, you’ll feel like you just walked into Hunter S. Thompson’s estate sale. Sourced from the 1960s, this warm-colored specimen is a steal at $42. Perfect for that Pet Sounds recording session look.

phm0913 pfshop3 mdDarth “Vadar” Lives
Those 20th Century Fox movie execs really scrimped on copy editors. This 1977 studio-commissioned T-shirt features the intergalactic heavy from Star Wars with a misspelling that surely would have compelled Vader to crush some tracheas. The flawed garment ($46) is a valuable collector’s item for vintage-loving geeks.

phm0913 pfshop2 mdVintage Chucks
Some fashions are trend-proof. While new Converse styles continue to sell well, the search for old school Chuck Taylors ($55-$65) is more heated than ever. Black N Blue co-owner Mykel Sane explains he likes U.S.-made goods, and vintage Chucks have that homegrown mystique. With more eyelets and a rounder wide toe, these shoes are easy to distinguish from contemporary styles while still retaining their unmistakable Chuck-ness.