All in the Wrist

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Lifestyle Issue: October 2015
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PHM1015PFSHOP01bBuckle, snap and slide on a bit of local style.

“Most times, what we wear is a uniform of sorts,” says Jeanna McLaughlin, owner of Stone Creek Handmade. “Jewelry, wrist wear in particular, is a great way to express oneself within those confines.” McLaughlin and her husband Brad are among the dozens of Valley artisans crafting high-quality, handmade wrist ornamentations, from McLaughlin’s made-to-order, hand-dyed leather watch straps to Brad’s hand-cut and -engraved watches from his Æether Watch Co. label.

The power of the wrist transcends time and place, says Jennifer Gadek, owner of Casual Cuffs, a line of cuffs repurposed from leather belts. “From Cleopatra to Wonder Woman, cuffs have represented both style and strength,” Gadek says. “Historically, wearing cuffs has been more than simply a fashion choice; in ancient times, men wore cuffs during prayer and battle. Women have told me that they feel both a sense of balance and power when they wear a cuff.” We rounded up the best wrist candy in the Valley, from sturdy cuffs to delicate bangles.

1. Gina’s Original AZ
Bracelets crafted with
antique buttons, charms,
coins and more

2. Bliss at Pink House Boutique
Charms suspended on linen strings or leather cords
7009 N. 58th Ave., Glendale

3. Casual Cuffs
Leather cuffs embellished with coins, metals and gems

4. Twisted Sisters’ Designs
Hand-tooled metal bracelets
48 S. Robson, Mesa,

5. Æther Watch Co.
Hand-engraved watches crafted with fine metals and crystals
From $1,350; free Stone Creek Handmade strap with the purchase of any watch

6. Stone Creek Handmade
Hand-sewn and -dyed exotic hide and leather watch straps
From $120