From Drink to Clink

Written by Jess Harter Category: History Issue: October 2012
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On May 24, 1917, the Prescott Journal Miner reported the arrest of Henry Schuerman, under the headline “Wine of Home Make Gets 3 in Bad,” as follows:

“This is the tale of the harrowing fate of 100 gallons of good homemade wine.

According to papers received at the office of the clerk of the Superior court yesterday from Justice of the Peace C.W. Bennett at Clarkdale, one Henry Schuerman, who has a well known ranch on the well known Oak Creek, did build a lot of wine, and did sell 100 gallons of it in two barrels to certain parties. Also for $80. So, Henry was arrested, accused of selling vinous liquors. He was released on $500 bail.

But that is not the end of the tale, nor of the wine.

Comes now the authorities and report the case of Herb Thayer and Nola Dixon, who owned an automobile, and are alleged to have owned the wine as soon as they got through buying it from Schuerman. It is said that Dixon and Thayer transported the wine from the Schuerman ranch to the city of Clarkdale, where grief began to be stored up.

The preliminary hearings were held and the trio bound over to await the action of the Superior court, the cases being handled separately.”