A wave of “water therapy” classes hits the Valley.

Wet and Mild

Written by Jamie Fossenkemper Category: Health & Fitness Issue: September 2017
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Remember swimming as a kid and the joy of feeling weightless as you kicked and twirled in the water? Adults can relive that freedom of movement in Watsu/WaterDance sessions, says therapist Liran Ozeri. During a session, you float in a private pool while your therapist supports your body and moves your torso and limbs through the water in a series of stretches and poses – imagine a waterlogged Thai massage. The therapist listens to you, your body and your energy and tailors the experience as you go, Ozeri says. “This experience is all about creating a safe space and accepting each person exactly as who they are and where they are at, without trying to change or fix them,” he says. Depending on a client’s energy, they can be held and moved under the water in a gentle way, or kept above water in the hands of their therapist. Ozeri says the physical movements and the spiritual/energy work provide a full mind-body-spirit experience in one session (a 60-minute session costs $185 and a 90-minute session costs $245). He offers Watsu/WaterDance (watsu.com) at Sanctuary Resort & Spa, Silverleaf Club at DC Ranch, Royal Palms Resort & Spa, Boulders Resort & Spa and Aji Spa at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.

Watsu/WaterDance at Sanctuary Resort & Spa. Photos courtesy of Sanctuary Resort & Spa.

Sanctuary Resort & Spa
5700 E. McDonald Dr., Paradise Valley
855-948-2100, sanctuaryoncamelback.com

Silverleaf Club at DC Ranch
18701 N. Silverleaf Dr., Scottsdale
480-515-3200, silverleafclub.com

Royal Palms Resort & Spa
5200 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix
602-283-1234, sanctuaryoncamelback.com.hyatt.com

Boulders Resort & Spa
34631 N. Tom Darlington Dr., Carefree
480-488-9009, theboulders.com

Aji Spa
5594 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Chandler
602-385-5759, wildhorsepassresort.com