Live out your Little Mermaid fantasies with these aquatic adventures.

Under the Sea

Written by Nikole Tower Category: Health & Fitness Issue: June 2017
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Ariel may have wanted to be where the people are, but these days the people – mainly the women – are obsessed with being mermaids. Look no further than Pinterest and Instagram to see evidence of this trend in clothing, jewelry, hair, body art and even home décor. (Mermaid shower tiles, anyone?) In the Valley, mermaid classes have attracted schools of children and adults, who have been surprised by the intensive workout having your legs bound in a skin-tight sheath with fins provides. You’ll find yourself using muscles you didn’t even know you had, plus your abs.

Mermaid University
Kids ages 7-12 are welcome at Arizona’s first “mermaid school,” taught by Moon Mermaid. Students each receive a colorful mermaid tail, goggles, an autographed copy of Moon’s book Moon Mermaid and the Treasure of Friendship and a diploma inscribed with their chosen mermaid name. The class is offered every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. this summer for $180 per mermaid at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort’s new sandy beach pool. There are also story and swimming times for all guests, including mer-guppies who are not old enough to put on a tail. While the little ones splash around, adults can enjoy their own class, Mermaids & Mai Tais.
7575 E. Princess Dr., Scottsdale
Aqua Mermaid
Whether you’re a doggy-paddler or the queen of the backstroke, you’ll get something from these classes hosted by the Phoenician Resort. Professional mermaids, synchronized swimming instructors and aqua fitness trainers are on-site for every class. Aqua Mermaid instructors teach you how to move with a tail and perform tricks to impress your friends. If you’re dreading the moment the class comes to an end and you have to go back to being a two-legger, don’t fret – you can take your tail home. This summer’s classes, ranging from $40 for a 50-minute session to a $300 kids’ party, will be held at a venue yet to be determined.
6000 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale