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Written by Andrea Daly Category: Health & Fitness Issue: November 2014
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Photo by Mirelle Inglefield

Get fit as a beauty queen at Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler.

Think beauty pageants are all about being skinny and strutting across the stage in a bikini? Think again. Scott Keppel, of Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler, wants the pageant contestants he trains to be beautiful and healthy. “I not only want the girls to feel confident in the bikini portion of the pageant, but all of it. I want them to feel good in their evening gowns and whatever else they are wearing, too,” he says.

Keppel has trained beauty pageant contestants for more than 14 years; since 2007, Scott’s Training Systems has been the official trainer for the Miss Arizona America, Miss Arizona USA and Miss Teen Arizona USA competitions. His clients include Jennifer Sedler, third runner-up in the 2012 Miss America pageant; and Marissa Powell, third runner-up at the Miss USA 2013 competition. Keppel’s method of training pageant contestants includes coming up with personalized meal plans and additional exercises for them to do outside his gym. There is a regimen of weightlifting 2 to 4 times a week, and cardio 4 to 6 times per week. Most of the focus is on working the glutes and abs, Keppel says.

Though Keppel is the official trainer for Arizona’s beauty pageants, he and his trainers work with non-competitors as well. He said the routine is similar – they come up with a nutrition plan and keep track of progress –  but a little less rigorous. “For non-pageant contestants, workouts vary, but we still talk about nutrition and what they want to achieve,” Keppel says. “We also have customers who want to compete in other things.” (STS also offers training for body-building and fitness competitions.)

Keppel prefers to work with his clients for at least 12 weeks, but his goal is to make fitness a lifelong priority for them. “The longer someone stays lean, the tighter they look, the more apt they are to keep it as a lifestyle,” he says. A 10-week competition training system costs around $399, though less-intensive individual instruction (like a $12 yoga class) is also available.

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