Help Hungry Arizonans When You #ImagineaSolution

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Health & Fitness Issue: December 2015
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Courtesy Association of Arizona Food BanksWhile most of us gather around tables with our loved ones today and enjoy a bountiful feast, one in five Arizonans – and one in four Arizona children – is struggling with hunger.

It's a harsh reality for far too many in our state and something I've witnessed firsthand in my reporting on this topic. Last year I wrote about SNAP/food assistance and met a woman who was so conditioned to skipping meals that it was difficult for her to chew solid food – her teeth and jaw were so used to doing without that the mere mechanism of chewing was a painful and foreign task for her. Can you imagine that being your reality?

We don't have to sit idly on the sidelines and watch our fellow Arizonans – fellow humans – suffer these fates. There are so many ways you can get involved, from purchasing Grab 'n Give bags of groceries at Valley Sprouts locations that are then donated to families in need to dropping in a few cans or boxes of dry goods at countless other grocery stores in the Phoenix metro area.

Here are some other ways to get plugged in and make a difference:

Watch this video by the Association of Arizona Food Banks and join the #ImagineaSolution social media revolution to raise awareness.

Find a food bank near you and donate. Every little bit helps, from actual food to monetary donations.

Find a volunteer opportunity that you're passionate about.

Share this post and these links with your own social media network and inspire others to help!