Healed Heels

Written by Leah Lemoine Category: Health & Fitness Issue: April 2012

Dr. Bruce Werber of InMotion Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale has developed a way to treat diabetic foot ulcers by injecting the wounds with amniotic fluid and membrane collected from donors who have had cesarean sections. In Werber’s study of 20 diabetics, all of their previously unresponsive wounds responded and 90 percent closed. Werber has had similar success in treating tendon and ligament injuries.

The process, which can prevent foot amputations in Type II diabetes patients, utilizes mesenchymal stem cells, but “We’re not trying to replicate or clone,” Werber says. “This is just one way to use these very powerful cells...to help patients heal themselves. Using human tissue is always superior to using engineered tissue.”