Curl Up and Diet

Written by Kaila White Category: Health & Fitness Issue: January 2012

As a former music editor at the Phoenix New Times, Cizmar has the bona fides to diagnose the hipster experience. As for his diet-guru chops? He lost 100 pounds in eight months, and his main advice is as basic as it comes: Count calories.

The memoir-slash-diet book, debuting this month, is filled with calorie-focused advice delivered with Cizmar’s trademark snark. From his exploration of “the Bagel Paradox” to his open-armed acceptance of fast food, Cizmar dispenses with fair-trade preachiness. Instead, he offers specific situational advice (think the Men’s Health column Eat This Not That). To wit: It turns out that light beers have half the calories but also half the alcohol content (and dignity) of their full-flavored counterparts. So enjoy your Guinness in peace.