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Choosing the 2018 Top Dentists

Written by Editorial Staff Category: Health & Fitness Issue: August 2018
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Treat your pearly whites right with our exclusive, peer-generated list of the Valley’s best dentists. In this special anniversary edition, we drill deeper than ever before, with an all-time Top Dentists leaderboard and specialty information designed to empower your health care decisions. So smile – this is one trip to the dentist that truly won’t hurt a bit.

PHOENIX magazine generates its Top Dentists list via an online survey of practicing dentists in Greater Phoenix. Using contact information obtained from the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, the magazine mails postcards to the full population of dentists practicing in the Valley in the early spring, directing them to our online voting portal. The survey asks respondents to provide the names of three dentists whom they deem the best in each of nine specialties. At the conclusion of voting, we digitally tally the votes in each category. Once the top vote-getters are determined, our fact-checkers verify their information.

PHOENIX magazine does not give any preference to dentists who advertise. The Top Dentists are determined purely based on the number of votes they receive, and our sales staff does not see the list until the dentists have been contacted and confirmed by our editorial fact-checkers. Moreover, the five dentists profiled in this feature are chosen at random to equally cover the range of specialties from year to year, with no input from our sales team.

Meet a few of our featured 2018 Top Dentists on our Top Dentist profile page.