Artful Dodging

Written by Jamie Killin Category: Health & Fitness Issue: September 2013
Group Free

Give your fitness routine a bounce with dodgeball and other team sports.

Think you mastered dodgeball in elementary school? Take the venerable playground sport to the next level with team leagues, currently enjoying a post-Dodgeball: The Movie renaissance at a variety of Valley sports and fitness venues.


Peoria’s Sky Zone trampoline park ( offers 3D dodgeball leagues that include eight weeks of play and a ninth week of playoffs for $45. According to spokesman John Theriault, dodgeball has been a huge hit at Sky Zone and is a way of “tricking” people who aren’t necessarily athletic into exercising, as players often don’t realize how much effort they’re exerting until fully engrossed in the heat of battle. The Saturday night adult league formed after Sky Zone successfully launched a junior league last spring, and isn’t restricted to the young and fit.  “NASA has done studies on low-impact exercise on the body, and it’s universally beneficial,” Theriault says. “So now we have senior citizens requesting programs, including dodgeball. All my old snow bird friends are in for a treat when they get back to town.”

For east-siders, and players who prefer a solid playing surface, Kiwanis Park Recreation Center in Tempe ( hosts drop-in and team dodgeball play, with leagues starting this fall. Visit for a variety of competitive and co-ed “social” leagues.

Other Ways to Be a “Team Player”
Ultimate Frisbee
Feel like flinging a disc? Ultimate leagues – best described as lacrosse with frisbees – operate throughout greater Phoenix via Valley of the Sun Ultimate, or VOTS. Players join teams with names like the Hanky Pankies (this year’s summer champions in the Women’s League) and stay informed about practices and games through a website and hotline. The fee for league registration is $38. Get more information at

National Athletic Kickball Adult Division
The National Athletic Kickball Adult Division, or NAKAD, offers Valley residents the chance to try their hand – or foot – at the traditional schoolyard game. League cost is $67 per person and includes eight weeks of play, including playoffs. The league also incorporates weekly visits to a host bar and end-of-season parties. And don’t worry – NAKAD is fully clothed. Register at

Arizona Tennis Association
The Arizona Tennis Association is quite a racket. Offering a variety of options – including day and evening leagues, and a mixed doubles league – the ATA will find a time and place for you and your partner to execute ground strokes. Membership dues cost $40 annually and team registration is $25 per session. For more information, visit