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Written by Alexa D'Angelo Category: Health & Fitness Issue: October 2014
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Commitment issues keeping you from a gym membership? Try these local one-off classes.

A gym membership just sounds so very permanent – sign a contract, pay your dues, and find yourself wedded to the same boring treadmills and plate-loaded arm curls month after month. Who needs that kind of commitment? In reality, a lot of people pay monthly gym memberships to go maybe once a week (or not at all). Losing money while not losing weight is a lose-lose proposition. But how about one-time classes with low fees? Now that’s winning! If you’re not getting enough bang for your buck at the gym, there are plenty of fun à la carte fitness classes around the Valley. Here are just a few options for one-time fitness flings.

Ballet Fitness
at Ballet Fusion Fitness
There is no such thing as an out-of-shape ballerina. The art of ballet tones and strengthens the entire body, making it a perfect addition to any fitness regimen. Ballet Fusion Fitness offers a wide range of classes from “Barre-Lates,” which uses the Ballet Barre, Pilates, light weights, resistance bands and balls, to “African Fusion” – a full body workout utilizing movements inspired by the traditional dances of West Africa and drum-heavy Djembé music. All classes cost a drop-in rate of $17 per class, including ballet classes.
2655 W. Guadalupe Rd., Mesa
480-788-8348, studiobff.com

Community Yoga
at Desert Song Healing Arts Center
Finding inner peace while strengthening your core is what yoga is all about. From the Downward-Facing Dog to the Warrior 2, basic yoga positions improve strength, flexibility and overall state of mind. Desert Song Healing Arts Center offers community yoga classes for just $7 each. Kids ages 12 and younger can also participate in a yoga class of their own for just $10. As an added incentive, yoga class is free on your birthday.
3232 N. 20th St., Phoenix
602-265-8222, desertsongyoga.com

at Jazzercise Phoenix Premier Fitness Center
It isn’t just jazz hands and fan kicks at this total-body workout class. Jazzercise classes offer exercise routines for women that combine jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing movements into one hour-long routine designed to tone just about everything. A drop-in class at the Jazzercise Phoenix Premier Fitness Center (pictured) costs $15.
12228 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, 602-992-1552

at the Women’s Resource Center
Zumba classes feature fun, exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin music. Combining dance moves and aerobics, Zumba boosts the fun quotient while participants lose weight and tone muscle. It’s adrenaline-charged and cost-effective. The Women’s Resource Center offers Zumba lessons for $5 per class.
1130 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix
602-252-8494, freshstartwomen.org