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Written by Elin Jeffords Category: Food Reviews Issue: November 2011

I am so not The Mint’s demographic, but those Asian tapas called, and I answered. Chu, formerly of Fate and currently at Sens in Downtown Phoenix, works with a bright palate of flavors, such as chiles, lime, garlic, sesame and ginger. His small, reasonably priced dishes appeal to eaters who’d rather have an assortment of taste experiences than a big hunk o’ protein.

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Thanks to the opulent and messy drizzle of truffle butter on the edamame ($6), I may never go back to the unadorned kind. Plump shrimp sizzling in a hot skillet and even hotter Sriracha-based sauce ($12) was excellent but could have used some rice ($2 extra). Instead, we scooped it up with the shrimp crackers that accompanied the excellent mint-enlivened tuna tartare ($8).

Your soup-slurping inner child will love Chu’s soup gyoza ($7), tender dumplings filled with a pork nugget and delicious broth. And Chu has a gift with chicken. I’ve never tasted juicier wings than the garlic-marinated “lollipops” ($7). Those who live by salad alone can feast on a gingery slaw topped with medium rare slices of duck breast ($8). Not so successful was the plain old romaine oddly paired with leaden fried tofu chunks ($7).

The gristly Korean short ribs ($9) were leatheresque, and the evocatively named wasabi slider ($9) was just weird – tough, slivered short ribs on a soft, sweet, doughy oval with no wasabi in sight. But I have nothing but praise for the tiny goat cheese-filled fried wontons lashed with a caramelly peach sauce ($5) – tangy, sweet and crunchy.

If you aren’t the Mint’s target audience, don’t let that stop you from enjoying happy hour munchies ($2 off on all food items) or an early dinner. The variety and refinement of the food isn’t quite up to Sens standards, but it still packs a flavor wallop for a reasonable price, and that’s something we can all bank on.

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Photos - From left: goat cheese wontons • inside The Mint


The Mint
Cuisine: Asian Tapas
Address: 7373 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale
Phone: 480-822-6921
Hours: 3 p.m. until closing Monday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday
Highlights: Edamame with truffle butter ($6), sizzling shrimp ($12), soup gyoza ($7), tuna tartare ($8), spicy lollipops ($7), ginger mint duck ($8), goat cheese wontons ($5)