Tequila Pecan Pie

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Food Reviews Issue: May 2012

A drizzle of dark caramel sauce and a fluted swirl of barely-sweetened whipped cream are admirable touches, but it’s the rich, brown-butter flavor and firm texture that give this pie soul. (The tequila doesn’t hurt, either.)

The pie is assembled in tried-and-true fashion, by mixing sugar, corn syrup and eggs together. But browning the butter (cooking it over low heat until the milk solids separate from the butterfat and subsequently caramelize) adds a crucial, deep flavor.

Owner Azucena Tovar says the pie is a seasonal dessert, generally reserved for the fall after the pecan harvest, but this year it’s available during the spring – so go have a slice. Pair it with a stiff Mexican coffee (coffee, Kahlua and tequila) or a shot of Agavero, a caramel-sweet tequila liqueur.

As much as we love the pie, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another dessert specialty at Los Sombreros: the Baileys- and coffee-flavored flanecito ($5.50), a dreamy, creamy flan that is spoon-licking good. 

Los Sombreros
2534 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale