Butterscotch Crème Caramel

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Food Reviews Issue: January 2012
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The creamy custard is a mix of whole eggs, half and half, cream, vanilla, sugar and salt. Instead of granulated sugar, Watson uses brown sugar, giving the custard a soft beige glow and synthesizing the flavor of butterscotch. A dash of Baileys Irish Cream adds another layer of flavor.

Instead of cooking the caramel with the custard in the traditional fashion, Watson cooks the custard first, then pours a salted, buttery caramel infused with scotch over the top. A sprinkling of Madagascar vanilla bean-infused Pop Rocks on top of the caramel shine like crystals and fizzle on the tongue.

Served on the side, classic dark chocolate ganache-smeared French macarons get a Watson-twist, too, filled with house-made marshmallow fluff. Dip them into the salted caramel and then bite into the delicate crunch. 

T. Cook’s
(Royal Palms Resort and Spa)
5200 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix 

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