The Dirty Commie

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: August 2015
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Before it was demoted to deli sandwich sidekick, the pickled cucumber was revered by the likes of Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson for its healthful, tonic-like qualities. Cleopatra purportedly ate pickles to maintain her ravishing beauty.

Milk Bar’s pickle-based Dirty Commie cocktail is more likely to put hair on your chest than make your skin glow. But with potent punch and a pleasant dill aftertaste, this Polish twist on the classic martini could be your new summertime picnic staple.    

Slice a dill pickle into small pieces and place in the bottom of a flat glass. Add one packet raw sugar, a pinch of dill weed, a dash of Angostura bitters and ¼ oz. pickle juice. Muddle until the mixture turns into a fine paste. Add 3 oz. Sobieski vodka and ice, then shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with ogórki kiszone (Polish dill) and pickled red pepper. Then enjoy, comrade.

Milk Bar
803 N. Third St., Phoenix