Fat Ox’s The Count puts you on your heels and drinks like a champ.

The Count

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Drink Issue: March 2017
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Some days put you on your heels, forcing you right up against the ropes. On such days, it might pay to ask yourself: Am I down for The Count?

If you’re dining at Fat Ox, consider yourself saved by the bell. Concocted by bar manager and mixology maestro Conor Cook, The Count exemplifies the restaurant’s penchant for Italian wines and spirits. The active ingredient is Cardamaro, a wine-based liqueur infused with cardoon and blessed thistle – both cousins of the artichoke – that tastes like a raisiny, nutty sherry. Brightened up by gin and sweetened gently with a house-made strawberry syrup, The Count drinks like a champ.

To throw your hat in the ring, stir 2 oz. Tanqueray No. Ten gin, 1 oz. Cardamaro, 1 oz. strawberry reduction syrup* and 2 dashes orange bitters with ice. Strain over new ice. Garnish with an orange peel and a slice of strawberry. Less juniper-focused than typical flagship gins, the Tanqueray Ten has a puncher’s chance in your glass.

*Boil 1 quart strawberries with 1 quart water until colorless. Strain strawberries out. Mix 1 quart sugar and 2 tablespoons honey into the strawberry-water mixture. Let cool.

— Shelby Moore

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