If a pirate were given pause to ponder his perilous plunders, would he have reason for remorse? Perhaps, if he had the right drink in hand – or hook.

Pirate's Remorse

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Drink Issue: November 2016
Group Free
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The tiki-tippling bartenders at UnderTow – a speakeasy-style bar ingeniously situated in the underground hydraulic pits of an adapted auto garage – designed the Pirate’s Remorse for such moments of introspection. At your own peril, combine 1 oz. fresh guava juice, 1/2 oz. herbal Galliano liqueur, 1 1/2 oz. Rhum J.M. V.O., 1/2 oz. honey syrup (made by warming three parts water with one part honey), 2 dashes vanilla extract, 1/2 oz. lime juice and 2 dashes of mace tincture. Shake and serve over crushed ice. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. What begins as tart and tropical finishes with the delicate tingle of nutmeg-like mace.

Sip. Ponder. Repress plunderous impulses. Repeat.

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