Fat Fender

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: March 2016
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photo by David ApejiUsed in everything from Ayurvedic medicine to the infamous Master Cleanse, chile peppers act as a detoxifier and mild painkiller. The capsaicin that causes the tingly, burning sensation you feel after eating hot peppers also helps relieve seasonal allergies.

While wolfing down whole jalapeños isn’t on most people’s culinary to-do lists, Sip’s Fat Fender cocktail clears the way for spring – and clogged sinuses – with a hefty dose of vodka infused with serrano, jalapeño and habanero.

The airway-dilating cocktail starts with 2 oz. St. George green chile vodka, five to 10 cilantro leaves and ¾ oz. Chareau aloe liqueur in a mixing tin. Add ½ oz. each lime juice and pineapple syrup, plus ice to fill. Shake and double-strain into a coupe glass for a spicy sipper that tastes as fresh and green as a young coconut. Garnish with extra cilantro.

Sip Coffee & Beer Garage
3620 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix

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