El Diablo

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: October 2015
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PHM1015EBDT01aThe patron saint of cocktail culture, Victor “Trader Vic” Jules Bergeron Jr., is credited with having invented more than 200 libations. He christened some of his more potent creations with spooky monikers like the Zombie, Devil’s Leap and El Diablo – the last being a tequila-based tiki drink with a mouth-numbing ginger bite.

“I hate like hell to bring up unpleasant things at a time like this, but go easy on this one because it’s tough on your running board,” Trader Vic quipped of El Diablo in his Book of Food and Drink (1948).

Lon’s mixologist Travis Nass’ resurrection of the fiendish firewater starts with 2 oz. Azuñia Reposado, ¼1⁄2 ½ oz. crème de cassis and ¾ 3⁄4 oz. lemon juice. Shake well and strain into a double old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Top with Fever Tree ginger beer. Garnish with lemon peel and mint sprig, plus blackberry and candied ginger speared on a toothpick sword.

Last Drop at The Hermosa Inn
5532 N. Palo Cristi Rd., Paradise Valley

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