TEN Handcrafted American Fare & Spirits’ Clover Club is a zinger.

Clover Club

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: June 2016
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There’s not much call for drinking egg whites unless you’re a protein-packing power lifter. Vintage cocktails such as the Pisco Sour and circa-1880s Clover Club, however, rely on the viscous liquid to add frothy texture. In the early 1900s, Esquire magazine dissed the Clover Club as too feminine, but that didn’t stop Philadelphia lawyers and politicos from swilling it. 

TEN’s Clover Club is similar to the Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book recipe, with fresh berries standing in for refined sugar. Combine one egg white, 2 oz. Brooklyn gin and ½ oz. each lemon juice and raspberry liqueur in a mixing glass. Top with a spoonful of fresh raspberry purée and vigorously dry-shake until foamy. Add ice, strain and pour into a coupe glass for a tart zinger that’s as delectable and notoriously girly as pink Champagne.   

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