Black Tulip

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: April 2015
Group Mid-Level
Character count 2500

Ginger ale and ginger beer play supporting roles in cocktail culture, most notably in vintage “bucks” like the Moscow Mule.

What’s the difference between the two? Ginger beer is spicier, and was originally brewed from a passed-down starter culture nicknamed Ginger Beer Plant – similar to how sourdough bread springs from a mother loaf.

The bubbly refreshment lends a springtime lift to The Beverly’s Black Tulip, which starts with 1 oz. Square One Botanical and 1 oz. Pimm’s in a standard shaker. Add 1⁄2 oz. black raspberry liqueur, 1⁄2 oz. simple syrup, 1⁄2 oz. lime juice and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters for bite. Shake, single-strain and pour into a Collins glass. Top with ginger beer for an effervescent mule with a sweet, fruity kick.


The Beverly
7018 E. Main St., Scottsdale