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How to Write a Love Story and Win Valentine's Day (with AJ's Fine Foods)

Written by Sunaina Tandon Category: Dinners & Promotions Issue: February 2017
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Love shows itself in grand gestures of chocolate-filled hearts and massive teddy bears but more often it’s present in the everyday stuff, like emptying the dishwasher unprompted. And while lifelong love is built mainly on the latter, it can’t hurt to indulge in over-the-top romance every so often, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

That’s where AJ’s Fine Foods come in.

They’re currently on the hunt for the best love stories in Arizona. Residents can send in their love stories (in 250 words or less) for a chance to receive a gourmet meal for two. Three winners will receive a meal including a meat and seafood option, tempting sides, decadent desserts, plus a dozen signature truffles, floral bouquet and a $75 AJ’s gift card. (Dudes, take it a from a lady – this Valentine will score you HUGE points.)

To enter, submit your love story on AJ’s Fine Foods’ website:

Photos courtesy Duality Public Relations.

Entries will be accepted through Thursday, Feb. 2.

To help you love birds win this delicious chef-prepared meal, I have compiled my top three tips for writing a winning love story.

  1. Write with all five senses (Taste, Smell, Touch, Hearing, Sight): Recreate the butterflies you felt when you first laid eyes on your significant other. Transport your audience to the very moment you fell in love, regardless how banal or ordinary – it’s the little details that make a big impact..
  2. Be real: Every relationship has its good and bad moments. Be authentic – it’s more relatable. We’ve all wanted to flip tables over dirty dishes. Love is working through that urge.
  3. Be concise: If you stray off topic, your readers may become impatient. Make sure you stick to your main points.
  4. Edit: Be your own editor. Your first draft will most likely have several errors. Reread and edit your story before you turn it in.
  5. Ask for feedback: Ask your significant other for input (unless it’s a surprise). Sometimes another pair of eyes can catch mistakes you miss. And even if you don’t win, sharing memories with each other will be romantic as hell.