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Go to Girl Scout Cookie Heaven at these Phoenix Restaurants

Written by Sunaina Tandon Category: Dinners & Promotions Issue: February 2017
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Thin Mints. Samoas. Tagalongs. Trefoils. Do-si-dos. Everyone has a favorite.

As a child, I remember getting very excited whenever I saw Girl Scouts walking towards our house. My mom would try to hide because she knew there was about to be fight in the house. My brother and I wanted different Girl Scout cookies, but my mom would only buy a couple boxes. (I'm still a proud member of Team Samoas, if you're wondering.)

For the fourth year in a row, chefs from 21 restaurants across the Valley and Flagstaff are taking on the Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge and creating new fun new desserts using Girl Scout cookies. But you only have two more days to try them – until Feb. 28.

Thin Mint lovers, like my brother, can try a Thin Mint cheesecake at Chompie’s in Chandler, or a chocolate mousse with Thin Mint crumble at Char Kitchen + Bar in Scottsdale. Samoa connoisseurs can try Chocolate Chunk Samoa Cream Pie at Rusconi’s American Kitchen or a Samoa doughnut at The Henry.

We can’t forget about the Tagalong and Trefoil folks either (although, Trefoils, really?). Tagalong fanatics can try the "Tagalongs are Great Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich" at Twisted Grove. Trefoil options include the Twixted Trefoil Bar at The MARKET Restaurant + Bar by Jennifer’s or Girl Scout Banana Cream Pie at Jalapeno Inferno in North Scottsdale.

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