Avery Crossman and Fozzie

Arizona Nonprofits: Home Fur Good Volunteer Avery Crossman

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Culture Issue: July 2018
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When Phoenix attorney Avery Crossman started volunteering with Home ‘Fur’ Good no-kill animal shelter five years ago, she intended to help the organization write grants because she thought working in the shelter would be too sad. “That lasted maybe a week,” she says. “I discovered that Home Fur Good, as a true no-kill shelter, is not a sad place. The staff and volunteers are happy and the shelter is clean, bright and fresh.”

Crossman, who has been practicing Arizona workers' compensation law since 1994, has adopted two dogs from Home ‘Fur’ Good and now serves as the organization’s board president.

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at Home ‘Fur’ Good?
A: It gets me out of myself and forces me to re-focus on important things. When you’re helping a sick or starving animal, you can’t help but be in the moment. All the so-called troubles that you’ve been worrying about suddenly seem insignificant. (I remind myself that muddy paw prints in the backseat of my car are insignificant!)

Q: Tell me about your most memorable volunteer moment.
A: About two days before Christmas, a stray dog was dropped off at our shelter. The animal was so severely neglected. … She had a microchip and we called the owners. They showed up and didn’t say much. I half expected them to explain why their animal was in such bad shape and why they still wanted her. But no, they burst into tears. The dog had been taken from their backyard over six years before. They said when we called they thought it was a hoax. They couldn’t believe they got their beloved dog back after so much time. We saved the dog and reunited a family.

Q: What would you like people to know about Home ‘Fur’ Good?
A: We are a true no-kill animal rescue. Most of our animals are strays or are rescued from the county shelter. We have no time limit on how long the animals can stay with us. I’d rather have a long-timer at our shelter than an out-of-timer risking euthanasia somewhere else. Last year we rescued and found loving homes for over 500 animals. … We own a wonderful building that provides a free-roaming cat room and large backyards for the dogs to run and play. We have a full-service animal dental clinic and low-cost vaccine clinic to help the community.

For more information, visit homefurgood.org.