5 Activities for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Written by Nicole Tyau Category: Culture Issue: February 2016
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Photo by Nicole TyauWhen the drugstore Christmas section goes on sale, store shelves begin the assault of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and a flurry of red and pink. Love is all up in your face, so if Valentine’s Day just isn’t your style, try one of our alternatives instead.

1. Create a drunken masterpiece with Paint Nite
A popular girls’ night out and DIY twofer, Paint Nite offers up a professional painter to help you create your very own masterpiece. On Valentine’s Day, toast to a sunset heart tree painting that, of course, gets better as the night gets boozy-er.
5 p.m., $45, 21+
6245 E. Bell Rd., Scottsdale

2. Get relaxed with a Serenity Massage at New Serenity Spa
Why worry about dates when you can forget all about St. Valentine? This 60-minute, full-body massage ($89) literally pampers you from head to toe.
15609 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale

3. Volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul
Here’s a way to give back for all you do-gooders out there. Help make someone else’s day special by donating your time to a worthy cause.
Free (+100 karma points)

4. Guys’ night at Majerle’s Sports Grill
No special someone? We think beer, wings, and the NBA All Stars game are a perfectly acceptable substitute. Or, if you’re taking your date here, you’re probably doing Valentine’s Day wrong.
24 N. Second St., Phoenix

5. Attend the “Anti Valentine’s Day” at The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen
If you’re a morning person, how can you say no to $4 mimosas, $7 Bloody Marys and brunch? If you’re more of a night owl, fall in love with Cupid’s “buy one, give one” shots with your friend or that cutie you see across the bar.
26 S. Farmer Ave., Tempe