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Three Resolution-Friendly Phoenix Mocktails

Written by Kelly Potts Category: Cocktails Issue: January 2018
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2018. January. New Year, New You. It’s resolution go-time… so what’s on your list?

A few of the people at the PHOENIX offices are partaking in the clumsily-named Drnuary: no drinking for the entire month of January. New York writer John Ore claims responsibility for inventing the portmanteau of “dry” and “January” in this Slate article, though the concept of abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the year is not a new one. “Janupause” has long been popular in the U.K., while getting generally healthier has always been the No. 1 new year’s resolution. Think of Drynuary as a sort of wringing out after all the egg nog, mudslides and endless wine of the holidays.

But no drinks for an entire month can be difficult, especially for those of us who like drinking – a glass of wine with dinner, a beer after meeting a particularly difficult deadline, a fancy cocktail for girl’s night. So in lieu of ordering yet another club soda with lime, why not trick your taste buds with a clever mocktail? All the fun of a tipple without the stuff that’ll tip you over.

Here’s our trifecta of resolution-friendly drinks in Phoenix. God speed, Drynuarians!

Prickly Pear250


Prickly Pear Mocktail
Aji at Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
Aji offers a prickly pear mocktail for a spin on their classic prickly pear margarita… sans the tequila-fueled antics. Enjoy the mix of agave nectar, lime juice, prickly pear puree and ginger beer, while enjoying some ‘me time’ at the spa or pool. Post-holiday stress relief, without the resolution-breaking guilt: win/win.
5594 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Phoenix,


ph branded wellnessshots burning man 1


Burning Man Shot
Protein House
Shots, shots, shots! Every party ends in shots, except these shots pack more health benefits and less regret. This shot at Protein House – a health concious joint popular with gym rats and paleo diet devotees – contains lemon, ginger and cayenne, so you still get the tummy-tingle and throat-burn of a strong shot. Perhaps the opposite of a ‘mind eraser’ is just what the doctor ordered for January.
Various locations across the Valley,


Cactus Chi


Cactus Chi
Gertrude’s at the Desert Botanical Garden
Take your Drynuary resolution one step further by adding "communing with nature" to your resolution list. The Cactus Chi is a quenching treat from the Sonoran Desert that combines the nectar of cacti with agave syrup, lemon juice and hydrated chia seeds. This refreshing drink, in the setting of the Desert Botanical Garden, is the perfect way to end this resolution friendly mocktail crawl.
1201 N. Galvin Pkwy., Phoenix,


Pro tip: While mocktails may not appear on many menus, a majority of the local restaurants and craft cocktail bars I talked to said they're happy to create a custom drink without alcohol if you ask.