You Get a Cocktail and You Get A Cocktail!: Drink Like Oprah

Written by Maddie Johnson Category: Cocktails Issue: July 2018
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Another scorching day is coming to an end and you’re probably already thinking about what you’ll sip on tonight to aid in that much needed relaxation. But you also swore to yourself you’d make healthier choices during the summer months. It’s a dilemma many of us find ourselves in--but don’t be discouraged, there may be just the right remedy for you!

After Oprah Winfrey announced her decision to make an equity investment in the health-driven, locally rooted restaurant brand True Food Kitchen, we learned how to make one of the mega-star and wellness advocate's favorite cocktails there: the Thai Grapefruit Martini! Using organic, clean ingredients, this tasty tipple will satiate your summer longing for a simple and sweet drink.

Thai Grapefruit Martini


0.5oz lime juice

1oz simple syrup

4 leaves of Thai basil

2oz grapefruit juice

2oz Prairie Organic Vodka

Thai basil leaf for garnish


Combine 0.5oz lime juice, 1oz simple syrup, 4lvs Thai basil to tin. Muddle, then add 2oz grapefruit juice and 2oz organic vodka. Shake vigorously. Double strain into martini glass. Garnish with Thai basil leaf.

Mixologist's Note: Make sure you’re always using Thai Basil, as regular basil adds a sweetness that doesn’t flow as well with the grapefruit. The reason we double strain is to remove the tiny bits of Thai basil and to remove the chunks of ice.