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Celebrity Taste Test: BEST CINNAMON ROLL

The Judge: Writer and Pistol Whipped Pastry chef/owner Rachel Ellrich Miller (pistolwhippedpastry.com)

When & Where: Thursday, June 21, at 2 p.m. at the PHOENIX office

The Rules: We want a classic cinnamon roll – no nuts, no fruit – that’s available on a daily basis, because these sinful swirls don’t deserve to be banished to weekend brunch. We enlisted Ellrich Miller (who also blogs for North Phoenix Moms Blog) and her pastry prowess to help us crown the queen of breakfast treats.

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Celebrity Taste Test: BEST ARIZONA GIN

The Judge: Winemaker Sam Pillsbury of Pillsbury Wine Company (pillsburywine.com)

When & Where: Wednesday, June 27, at the PHOENIX office. Judging began at 4:17 p.m.

The Rules: Pillsbury is the first to admit he isn’t a gin guy. “Oh, I’m a total lightweight,” he says in his lilting New Zealand accent. But he does understand the swish-and-spit principle, which is why we put his trained palate in front of eight gins distilled in Arizona, all unoaked, all served at 68 degrees F. The tasting was blind.

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