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Written by Leah LeMoine Category: At Home Issue: December 2014
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Snuggle up in your sleep sanctuary with these nighttime essentials.

The Linen Tree
6137 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
480-483-2044, thelinentree.com
Above:“We don’t want to just sell you something and shoo you out the door,” says owner Kirk Laibe. “We want you to really be happy with what you buy.” Headboard starts at $1,675; mattress starts at $5,171; pillows start at $90; throw blankets start at $140.


Sleep researchers made headlines this summer by boldly reducing the recommended daily allowance of shut-eye, from the accepted eight hours to seven. Whatever the prescription du jour, insomniacs and sleepyheads alike can agree: A good night’s sleep is important.

“People realize they’re not in a good mood the next day if they don’t get their sleep,” says Kay Massaro, co-owner of Scottsdale Bedrooms, a purveyor of high-end mattresses and bed accoutrements. Scottsdale Bedrooms sells England’s Vi-Spring line, which includes the most luxurious and expensive mattress in Arizona: It retails for $40,000, about as much as a 2015 Mercedes-Benz coupe.

Massaro and other high-end home goods merchants say it’s worth it. When The Linen Tree owner Kirk Laibe’s customers blanch at the price of high-quality sheets, he asks them a series of questions, starting with how much they paid for their car. “Are you in that car an hour or two, max, a day? How long are you in bed for? Let’s do the math. Where do you want to be more comfortable?” He chuckles. “If you could drive it down the streets and you could drive your sheets, people would be buying the best!”

But setting the mood – for rest or romance – needn’t always break the bank. MAME Luxury Soy Candles supplies aromatic and affordable ambience. Owner and candlemaker Megan Hull says she and her clients prefer softer scents, like her lavender coconut candle, for the bedroom. “I always have them by my bed. Even if they’re not lit, you can still smell the scent,” Hull says. “I want to wake up smelling something good.” Good enough to encourage you to linger a little longer. Seven hours, 10 hours – who’s counting?


PHM 800x800 FPO




Pendleton Woolen Mills
Check Store Locator: pendleton-usa.com
Artist Curtis Kulig designed this “Love Me” blanket ($299), manufactured by the luxury textile company. “What began in 2005 as a personal sentiment has quickly evolved into an icon, with his simple, impulsive, two-word manifesto,” says Cheryl Meloy, communications and public relations for Pendleton.




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Scottsdale Bedrooms
8180 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Scottsdale
480-951-5885, scottsdalebedrooms.com
“I’m not helping anyone if I’m carrying what other mattress stores sell,” owner Kay Massaro says of her opulently comfortable Vi-Spring, Open and Aireloom mattresses, which start at $395 for a children’s bed and go up to the $40,000 Vi-Spring.





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MAME Luxury Soy Candles
602-799-7003, mamesoycandles.com
Owner and candlemaker Megan Hull is a graphic designer by trade, and designs all of MAME’s packaging herself. She’s created hand-poured, hand-scented candles for everyone from Phoenix’s Frances Vintage to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. “The more authentic and the more I do what I like, it sort of works,” Hull says. Her 5.5-oz. candles have a suggested wholesale price of $15; her 8-oz. candles have a suggested wholesale price of $24 and come in a reusable Libbey rock glass.



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Purple Lizard Boutique
2827 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, 602-728-0980
Owner Marguerite Tram imports handmade serapes and comforters from artist collectives in Guatemala. They range from $47-$650. “I’m inspired by the quality and the artistic interpretation,” Tram says. “I would buy this because I like being surrounded by the beauty created by others.”