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Written by Niki D'Andrea Category: At Home Issue: January 2013
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LG Smart ThinQ Fridge
With 30.7 cubic feet of space, an alarm that sounds if the door’s left open more than 60 seconds, and multiple shelves and crispers, this refrigerator offers just about everything, including device-to-device connectivity and Smart ThinQ technology. $3,500. Available at Best Buy stores,

Get cooking with these amazing appliances and futuristic foodie tools.

People serious about cooking in state-of-the-art kitchens might once have gotten excited over the notion of a five-speed blender. But modern manufacturers of kitchen appliances are now turning out the sort of hi-tech gadgetry that would make even futuristic cartoon homemaker Jane Jetson jealous.

Take the LG Smart ThinQ Refrigerator with Smart ThinQ technology – is it a fridge or a space ship? Well, it’s a refrigerator, but it will do darn near everything except put your food in the oven and fly you to the moon. The Smart ThinQ technology includes an LCD screen on the door that displays the food items inside, their expiration dates, and where they’re located (those “Where-the-hell-is-the-mustard?” days are over). The refrigerator can also be synced with a smartphone for remote monitoring (so you’ll know the minute the milk goes bad). And if you’re not sure what to make with whatever’s in your fridge, the appliance even recommends recipes.

When it comes to cooking apparatuses, heating chicken for two days sounds like a recipe for rubber, but not if you’re using the SousVide Supreme Water Oven. It slow-cooks vacuum-sealed foods for hours (or even days) to produce supernaturally tender meat, vegetables, and more – just add water, set the temperature, season, seal, simmer and serve. 

Such devices reflect our technological growth as humans, but also the nature of cooking itself. As Alton Brown, creator and host of the Food Network show Good Eats, once said, “The kitchen’s a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. It’s biology, chemistry, physics.” Delicious.

The Smoking Gun Hand-Held Food Smoker
No need for heat with this hand-held smoker: Simply add wood chips, light, and blow the smoke into a covered container to add flavor. $100.

Sur La Table
7122 E. Greenway Pkwy., Scottsdale
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Photo courtesy Sur La Table
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Photo courtesy Sur La Table
  SousVide Supreme Water Oven
This stainless-steel oven with touchpad control cooks sealed food at preset temperatures for even cooking while locking in flavor. $429.

Sur La Table
7122 E. Greenway Pkwy., Scottsdale
Monitor your grill from up to 200 feet away with this app-enabled Bluetooth meat thermometer. The iGrill works with iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and most Android devices, and lies flat, can be stood up, or hung up. $80.

Apple Store at Scottsdale Quarter
15169 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
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Photo courtesy Apple


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Photo courtesy Pottery Barn
  Ravi Instant Wine Chiller
Insert the Ravi into a wine bottle like a cork, and it instantly chills wine as it passes through a refrigerated tube (made from stainless steel). $40.

Pottery Barn
15279 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker
With a 32-ounce capacity (roughly six cups of coffee), this innovative borosilicate glass device uses vapor and vacuum pressure to produce perfect java. $90.

2450 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix
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Photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma