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Written by Niki D Category: At Home Issue: August 2012
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Creative Environments
8920 S. Hardy Dr., Tempe
480-458-4100, creativeenvironments.com

Back around 98 AD, Roman villas were outfitted with lavish water features: When toga-clad guests sat on a marble bench, they activated a banquet room fountain that sent water flowing into a basin, where food was served on floating dishes. These days, building such elaborate aquatics isn’t very economical, but modern water features still hold cool decorative allure, especially in arid Phoenix.

Swimming pools provide a perfect base for add-on water features, and adding a flash of fire can boost the elemental aesthetics. “Customers now are being drawn to the unique combination of fire and water,” says Chris Griffin of Unique Landscapes. “So we’ll do waterfalls and incorporate fire features like fire bowls and tiki torches.” 

 Features like water walls by Slater Sculpture bring aquatic art indoors. “One of the biggest advantages of a water wall is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space,” owner Gary Slater says. “Instead of sitting out in the middle of the floor, it’s up against the wall like a painting. And it still has a good presence – it has the motion of the water, which is always kind of interesting, and a little bit of the sound of the water.”

Sculpture fountains like those of local artist Joseph Ward boast a regional feel, particularly his copper fountains shaped like Monument Valley. “I’m a fan of the desert, and I like acute lines and curling forms,” Ward says. “I wanted to make something that was part of Arizona, the Copper State. And what better than a water fountain inspired by the desert?”

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Photos - Clock-wise from top left courtesy Slater Sculpture; simplyfountains.com; Joseph Ward; Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools

Water wall
This curved, stainless steel water feature – made custom for a house in north Scottsdale – stands 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and holds 30 to 40 gallons of water. Call for pricing.
Slater Sculpture
203 S. Smith Rd., Tempe
480-921-1909, slatersculpture.com

Waterdrop Table Top Water Fountain
Made from natural slate with a copper finish, this fountain measures 19-by-10 inches and emulates ancient aqueduct technology. $130 (free shipping).
866-579-5177, Simplyfountains.com

Monument Valley fountains
These copper tabletop fountains feature a gloss enamel finish and come in three sizes: a foot-tall fountain with a 14-inch-diameter bowl ($240); a 2-foot-tall fountain with a 20-inch diameter bowl ($300); and a 3-foot-tall fountain with a 30-inch diameter bowl ($750).
Joseph Ward
480-709-9629, thecopperfountain.com 

Fountain framed by fire pots
This custom combination fire/water feature recirculates water from the pool, so no additional water is used. Prices ($3,500 to $5,500) vary by design. Call for specifics.

Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools
114 S. Extension Rd., Mesa
480-969-1911, unique-landscapes.com