Global Fusion

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: At Home Issue: January 2014
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Take a trip around the world with wander lust décor.

Lounge on an antique French settee, eat macarons and plan picnics on the banks of the Seine. Peer up at the soft glow emanating in geometric patterns from cinnamon-hued bronze lamps in a Middle Eastern oasis. Retire to a canopied bed draped with a jewel-toned paisley quilt from Jaipur.

Indulge in all this exoticism without unearthing your passport from its dresser-drawer depths. Instead, incorporate these style souvenirs into a melting pot of decor in your own home.

"When people travel to different destinations, they're kind of starting to bring that feel back into their homes. It makes it more unusual and unique," says Andrea Evans, owner of Phoenix boutique In the Pink. "[It] brings everything more alive in your house and it has more of a story."

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy decor and rigid, constraining themes. Now, Moroccan-inspired pillows add a pop of texture to a sleek sofa. A tribal-print blanket enlivens a minimalist bedspread or funkifies a mid-century modern chair. A fleur-de-lis-emblazoned lamp evokes the majesty of a French palace. Showcase one statement piece against a neutral backdrop, or throw them all together for a look that is uniquely you.

"I think a lot of people like a collected look. My own house is very much that way. I have quite a few Asian touches, European touches," says Eric Berkey, general manager and lighting designer at Hinkley's Lighting Factory in Phoenix. "I think we've been seeing a lot of that, of bringing together different cultures, as far as lighting goes. You know, we were in a Tuscan mode for so long... People seem to be lightening up and mixing different looks together and I think that's all part of that fusion effect."


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The French Bee,
3150 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix,
This antique French settee ($2,495) was crafted between 1850-1865. The gilded back, arms and legs were likely originally gold-plated, but have been touched up with other materials over the years. The French Bee’s Ikat pillows ($169 each) pop against the burlap covering, which can be custom-reupholstered.



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These pendant lights were inspired by the Turkish city of Kandira and the intricate patterns of Middle Eastern woven rugs, which are mirrored in their laser-cut patterns. They cast a warm, exotic glow indoors or on a backyard patio or gazebo. A one-light pendant is $698; a three-light pendant is $1,109.
Hinkley’s Lighting Factory
4620 N. Central Ave., Phoenix





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The bright coral and white quatrefoil design on the Mauritius ceramic garden stool can evoke the feel of a 15th century European palace garden or a modern Moroccan oasis. Use it outside to liven up your landscape or inside as a whimsical jolt of worldliness in a living room or kitchen. $261.99. Available at





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Contrasting patterns, textures and colors create a melting pot of design on these pillows from Square Feathers. From left: Circus Checkers Hot Pink, Polly Moroccan Swirly, Tangerine Zigzag, and Circus Checkers Lime. Prices range from $215-$250, with silvery blue and pink versions also available.
In the Pink
4422 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix




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Dream of Bollywood and bejeweled saris under the cover of this Venetian quilt, hand-screen-printed and quilted with 100 percent cotton voile by a family-run business in Jaipur, India. Available at Cost Plus World Market locations and online, $79.99.
Cost Plus World Market
Various locations,