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Written by Leah LeMoine Category: At Home Issue: January 2014
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Ice your pad with sparkle and sheen.

The Renee chair, custom-manufactured in Norwalk, Ohio, has ultrasoft down cushions and “the back pitch is perfect for the height of this chair... the tallest man and shortest woman can sit comfortably,” says Roeckelein, who has an off-white version in her own home. This silver leather version starts at $1,280.  
Park Avenue Design
2720 N. 68th St., Suite 3, Scottsdale


Last year, “bling-bling” celebrated the 10th anniversary of its inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary – a decade of decadence. Channel that celebration of conspicuous consumption in your home decor, but in small splashes. Think Beyoncé, not Flavor Flav.

“A little bit of bling is a nice thing, but... a little too much is a bit much,” says Gabrielle Roeckelein, interior designer and president of Park Avenue Design in Scottsdale. “Metallics are very hot right now. The fashion industry has it and our furnishings follow the fashion, normally.”

“Timeless” and “balance” are key words for designers when they’re bringing the bling. To keep things elegant and not gaudy, sparkly showpiece items are anchored with warm, dark wood, cozy fabrics, neutral furnishings or matte colors.

“If you stick with something that’s timeless, it’s not something that you’re going to tire of,” says Summer Hill, studio proprietor of Design Within Reach in Scottsdale. “When you mix finishes, as long as it’s done right, it can make for a really beautiful, eclectic environment.”

Tom Leonhardi, director of merchandising for ToH Design Studio 8 in Scottsdale, agrees. He has a nickel-plated cocktail table holding court with mirror-shadowed chrome lamps in his otherwise traditional bedroom.

“Everything has gotten cleaner, more simple, less cluttered, but people still want the warmth and the inviting feeling of some of the very traditional senses,” Leonhardi says. “Doing them in different elements or different materials gives them the warmth of the traditional, but a little bit of the bling and the cleaner feel of what’s going on in today’s style.”

And contrary to common wisdom, tinsel and flash isn’t just a holiday look. “After all the holiday bling, sparkle and glitter have been tucked away for next year, [blingy pieces] can add life and glamour to your home all year long in the most subtle way,” says Catherine Crandall, owner of Abode Fine Living in Scottsdale. “Mixing silver or gold-leafed furniture with mirror accents can be really dramatic and glamorous. [It] hearkens back to Old Hollywood. Can you see Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard looking into the mirror? I think the trend is here to stay, but updated for today’s modern home.”



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Nine light bulbs are swarmed by mismatched, full-leaded, faceted Swarovski crystals for a modern but blingy reimagining of the traditional chandelier in the Cellula ($2,730). The fixture was once displayed in the Design Within Reach showroom, where, “in the late afternoon, the light would hit the crystals and the whole ceiling would just sparkle,” Hill says.
Design Within Reach
4821 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 101, Scottsdale






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Shimmering fabrics (ranging from $29.50 a yard to $119 a yard) can enrobe windows, furniture or walls in luxury. Mix and match patterns in the same hue or select one to showcase. The icing on top: Hang them from a crystal finial with Swarovski elements and mirrored chrome finish ($212 per pair).
Valley Interiors
13407 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix




PHM 800x800 FPO

Ralph Lauren Home’s Highbridge Desk is truly a classic: It’s been around for more than 20 years and is still going strong. “Many people try to copy it; it’s never quite the same,” Leonhardi says of the stainless steel sawhorse topped with tempered glass that “can just go with anything.” It starts at $11,685.
ToH Design 
Studio 8 Showroom
15330 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale




PHM 800x800 FPO

Ambella Home’s Voranado Fluted Accent Table ($1,050) hearkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, Crandall says. The table is crafted from solid mindi (white cedar) wood with a textured gold-leaf finish and antique mirror accents in a sunburst pattern.
Abode Fine Living
15505 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale