Studio Snapshot: Mindy Timm

Written by Ethan Millman Category: Arts Issue: February 2019
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Mindy Timm’s art is all over the place. But that’s how the Phoenix artist likes it.

As a creator, Timm is a Swiss Army knife. Her studio shows off elaborate clay moldings, while her living room displays T-shirts. Her walls are adorned with her vibrant paintings of cacti, skeletons and a cartoonish rocket that sort of looks like a goldfish.

“I do so many different things,” Timm says. “I’m constantly between painting, and sewing [and] drawing, and I need to make a piñata here real quick. Just another day.”

Timm’s artistic trademark is explosive colors all jammed together.

“It’s all the colors,” Timm says with a laugh of her preferred color scheme. “I like bright. The hardest projects for me is when a client wants something very toned down. I can do it, but it’s not my thing.”

Visit to see more of Timm’s work.

photo by Angelina Aragon

Timm’s home is filled with her own artwork (above) and that of her contemporaries, such as Angel Diaz.

One of Timm’s main tools is a set of scissors, used to cut up old T-shirts and transform them into new designs.

Timm’s canvases assume almost any form. She makes print designs for fabric, paintings on wooden cabinet doors and clay sculptures.

In addition to her T-shirt designs, Timm makes modifications to other garments, like this denim jacket.