Robert Fisher documentary

Written by Kaila White Category: Arts Issue: October 2010

The case engrossed the Valley and the country as it unfolded in April 2001 and as clues emerged about extramarital affairs and a signed note found on a hiking trail, until nothing was left to unfold. Today, the only place Fisher can be found is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

Minn’s documentary delves into Fisher’s world in an attempt to figure out where the man is – or if he is even alive. The film features interviews with Scottsdale detectives, an FBI agent, Phoenix news anchors, a private investigator, a psychic and Fisher’s sister. It’s “a real twisted, devilish, fascinating case all rolled into one,” Minn says.

Prepare to explore the man, the case and the emotional aftermath of one of the most heinous crimes in Arizona history. The film premieres at Harkins Camelview in Scottsdale on October 7, and at the Harkins Tucson Spectrum October 14. For more information, visit