Read It: Flourishing in the Desert

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Arts Issue: August 2018
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Caren Yglesias and Steve Gunther stun with their compendium of desert landscape artist Steve Martino’s work.

Flourishing in the Desert“There’s no green in the Southwest,” is a popular refrain of desert detractors, but one that is handily debunked by award-winning Arizona landscape artist Steve Martino. His work is lovingly chronicled in the coffee table tome Desert Gardens of Steve Martino by Caren Yglesias, with stunning photography by Steve Gunther (Monacelli Press, $50). Martino modestly calls his landscape architecture, which brims with the natural ecology of the desert and is shaped by colorful partitions, “weeds and walls.” We’ve never seen more interesting “weeds,” or more “walls” we’d be happy to stare at all day.