Pop Goes the Easel

Written by Garrett Mitchell Category: Arts Issue: August 2014
Group Mid-Level
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Six rare screenprints by Andy Warhol were donated to the museum by the late artist’s institution, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The original works will be displayed in the free museum (51 E. Tenth St., Tempe, 480-965-2787, asuartmuseum.asu.edu/exhibitions) until September, when they will be transferred to the Jules Heller Print Study Room. The prints and 155 photographs by Warhol that the foundation donated in 2008 enliven and continue Warhol’s legacy, says Jean Makin, the museum’s print collection manager and curator. “He wanted his work to be accessible to the public. His work is not limited to one sector of the country or facet of contemporary art, but open to everyone.”

The exhibition lends a glimpse into Warhol’s creative process. “This is a great acknowledgement to our programming and commitment,” Makin says. “Not only contemporary art, but also educational outreach in our community.”