Pac-Man Louvre

Written by Jamie Killin Category: Arts Issue: September 2013
Group Free

PHM0913 PFArtsMini1


Imagine yourself spastically navigating a simply-drawn spherical creature through a maze of edible dots, all while desperately avoiding the grasp of an equally crudely-drawn ghost. Yes, you’re playing Pac-Man,


and no, you’re not at the arcade. You’re experiencing The Art of Video Games exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. In the midst of a 10-city tour, the Smithsonian exhibit is a crowd-sourced venture – curator Chris Melissinos collected 3.7 million votes from 119,000 gamers to formulate a list of 80 game titles featured in the exhibit; of those, five are available in situ for visitors to play. In exploring the 40-year history of video games, the exhibit employs large-scale screen shots, video interviews with game developers and artists, vintage consoles and more. See it this month – the exhibit is GAME OVER come September 29. Visit for details.