No Strings Attached

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Arts Issue: July 2017
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Who's Pulling My Strings?

After reading dozens of self-help books to process and heal from her own identity crisis, Scottsdale real estate agent Mardi Kirkland decided to pen one of her own. Who’s Pulling My Strings? (Balboa Press, $14.99) chronicles Kirkland’s journey from a “proud, invested victim,” an insecure corporate climber always on the brink of a meltdown, to a “grateful creator” of her life as a self-possessed professional, mother and grandmother. Her candid recollections of her rock bottoms and her ruminations on her personal growth are relatable for anyone who has struggled with the ruthless demands of self-consciousness and perfectionism. You’ll cheer for Kirkland when she finally cuts her “puppet strings” and emerges as her true self.

— Leah LeMoine