Murder by the Mile

Written by May Phan Category: Arts Issue: December 2017
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Former truck driver Jeffrey Yochim takes his pulp thriller Collateral Crimes out on the highway.

Collateral Crimes by Jeffrey Yochim
Collateral Crimes by Jeffrey Yochim

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Combine a hitman, a suspicious federal agent, a world-famous graphic novelist and a daredevil journalist and you get a Molotov cocktail of mishaps in Phoenix native and former truck driver Jeffrey Yochim’s pulp thriller. Collateral Crimes (West Wave Publishing, $14.99) chronicles the adventures of novelist and murder witness Jonathan Starker, who hitches a ride to a comic book convention and finds himself on the run from an ATF agent and a ruthless hitman. The story, a slow burner at the start but fast-paced enough to keep readers flipping pages – think murder, truck hijackings and pesky witnesses – grows more complex when a massive gun-laundering operation is thrown into the mix. There’s plenty of suspense to satisfy thriller enthusiasts, with some romance in between to keep the story spicy until the end.