Phoenix native Mindy Timm's gypsy-punk style shows in her art and her Scissored Vixon clothing.

Mindy Timm

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Arts Issue: April 2016
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“People should not wake up and cry before they get out of bed because they know what the rest of their day is like.” 

That was the soul-crushing swamp Phoenix native Mindy Timm found herself in as an accountant for a property management company. Her eventual layoff was a life preserver, she says, along with the dissolution of her marriage. Timm, a lifelong creative who had kept her artistic side very much on the side until then, turned the emotional wreckage into a chrysalis and emerged as a fully-realized artist. “I’m still me,” she says, dismissing the notion of complete reinvention. “But you can see that now.”

You can see it everywhere, from her vivid gypsy-punk personal style to her home studio. She paints, does multimedia art and has a clothing line called Scissored Vixen. It’s all whimsical, ebullient and customizable. “It means more to me to do something specifically for someone,” she says. Pieces range from psychedelic desert scenes painted on skateboards and guitars to loopy Cubism meets pop art in a portrait series done with Sharpies and paint. “I was always attracted to things with bright colors,” she says, and was inspired to create as a child watching her mother do the “craft du jour.” Timm even painted her kitchen cabinets with flowers, music lyrics and her personal motto: “Do no harm, but take no shit.”

Timm has shown her pieces in Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale galleries, but this month marks a meaningful milestone for the bicycle enthusiast: Her work is on display this month in Valley Metro’s 2016 Valley Bike Month campaign ( 

Now, Timm is excited when she wakes up. “I just want to be up all the time – I can’t wait to get up in the morning and I want to stay up really late,” she says. “I’ll sleep when I’m tired.” View Timm’s work at or on Instagram @scissoredvixen

– Leah LeMoine